For Clients
  • We accept payments from MasterCard and Visa credit cards;
  • Payment page customized according to your design;
  • Fraud transaction monitoring and its adaptation to the customer's needs;
  • The highest transaction speed and quality;
  • Complete security of all your transfers;
  • Ready-to-integrate CMS modules;
  • Professional and helpful customer support service.

If you are interested in the details of how the payment is received, go to How it works


If you want to accept payments from credit cards on your e-commerce site with the help of our system, all you need to do is to link up the CPSBill service and place a form on your site, which will redirect your customers to our CPSBill payment page service.

Formally, on the end of the electronic store owner the entire purchasing process is reduced to only two steps:

  • redirecting the buyer to the payment page;
  • receiving a response from the processing system about the payment status: successful or not.